Pelvic Floor – At Home: Pelvic Pain – A Guide for Comprehensive Pelvic Health

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Pelvic pain?  Let this guide answer your questions and guide you through real, professional care to get you started feeling better!  This eBook and video program offers over 1.5 hours of instruction and techniques by an expert pelvic health Physical Therapist with 10 year’s experience helping people just like you.


Do you struggle with pelvic pain?

Painful sex?  Persistent skin pain?  Back, hip, or SI pain that keeps returning?  Painful scar?

Not sure what to do or where to start?

Have you have asked questions, but didn’t get real answers?

This eBook is for you!  Dr. Valerie Schwalbe is a Physical Therapist specializing in comprehensive pelvic health conditions, including all aspects of pelvic pain.  This information and video collection is designed to answer your questions, provide guidance, and give you tips and techniques for healing pain and returning to (or starting) life without pain.

This program will show you how to create an individual, evidence-based program with proven techniques used by health care professionals.  It includes:

  • Why me?  Why do I hurt?
  • The science of the brain and our protective responses
  • Anatomy
  • What factors could be contributing
  • Hormones, nutrition, mental health, sleep, and our physical environment
  • Self-care techniques
  • Resources for further information and guidance

If you or a loved one have been looking for relief and solutions, this is for you.  From the comfort and privacy of you own home, you can learn about your body and what to do when you feel disconnected from it.

This is information I cover every day in my practice with pelvic health clients. For less than the cost of one office visit, you get 1.5 hours of video explanation and instruction, written information and guides, resources for additional information and direction.

Let this be either everything you need, or make your appointments and questions for your provider meaningful and productive.  Nobody wants to waste time in narrowing down the multiple things that may be contributing to your condition.  Get started here first!

Also, look at our additional and complimentary products, including:   Pelvic Floor – At Home:  Guide to Comprehensive Pelvic Health to get more information on how the pelvic floor functions and what to do if you have questions or concerns.  This guide is the 101 for pelvic floor questions.  It does discuss pelvic pain, but this program is the in-depth guide that expands on the 101.  It is useful to start with either, but pain tends to take a priority.  When you feel, better, then learn how to improve function and prevent additional conditions for life-long pelvic health.

As with all of our products, membership into the private Facebook page is included.  Ask questions about the eBook, or anything else you may be wondering.  Share your story and your success, get advice and support from people who understand.

I look forward to hearing how this has helped transform your relationship with your body!





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