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Well Being Pelvic Physical Therapy serves greater Salt Lake and surrounding areas.  We provide specialized Physical Therapy treatment for a variety of conditions that apply to muscles, bones, brain, organs, fascia, and how it all coordinates to keep us balanced, mobile, and pain free.

Pelvic Physical Therapy involves much more than “do your Kegels” or “just relax”. We provide individual treatment programs that include: manual therapy techniques, postural and movement assessment, coordination, mobility, exercise, and all lifestyle factors. You will also be given information to continue progress at home. Our goals are based in your needs, but many include: to decrease pain, optimize function, and get all systems balanced to allow return (or begin) desired activities.

If you are experiencing any pain, specifically pelvic pain, leaks of urine or stool, problems with sexual function, or anything else, you are not alone, and there is help available. Please also remember that “common” and “normal” are not the same!

What We treat

If you have the question “do you treat _______?”  The answer is likely “YES!” While we are pelvic specialists, we treat all traditional physical therapy complaints.  

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How is this different?

You will be treated as a whole person. We look at everything that could be contributing to your complaints and your goals are the focus of our care.  Your comfort and participation in this experience is important to us.  

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